Our adult education programs are open to the community. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about Judaism. Class sizes are intimate and taught in a relaxed environment.



Adult Study Group meets once a month on Wednesday nights. 


Once again the Temple Mount is at the center of an Israeli Palestinian crisis.

Our Wednesday night study group will explore how we arrived at the continuing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian State. Even though we are studying a history each class will be self contained so that you do not need to obligate yourself for every class.

The tentative dates are: September 6, October 18, December 6, January 3, February 7, March 7, April 4, May 2, & June 6.



Meant for adults who want to learn the language, a refresher course or support your children through their Hebrew education.  The class meets once a week on Sundays for 30 minutes.

Adult Education Programming is free for TBT members. Non-members are required to pay an enrollment fee. For more details contact