Services are normally held on Friday evenings, two – three times per month during the public school year. If services are held on Friday evenings, there will also be services on Saturday morning. Services are not normally held on public holidays, as many members of the congregation are not in town during those periods. On some weekends, Havdalah services are held on Saturday evenings. Summer service schedules are abbreviated.

Temple Beth Torah does its best to make members of all Jewish denominations feel comfortable at our services. The food provided at Onegs presents an opportunity to put into practice the observation of Jewish laws and customs with all members and guests in mind. While Temple Beth Torah does not maintain a Kosher kitchen policy, Onegs do not include food that may make other Jewish guests uncomfortable. Such things would include the serving of shellfish, pork, or the mixing of meat and dairy products.

A synagogue is any building or room set aside for prayer and religious study. It is a place sacred by virtue of its use. In every house of worship, be aware of the Divine presence and behave and dress accordingly. Do not eat or drink in the sanctuary. Please do not run in the building, but walk with dignity and respect. It is a great mitzvah to pray in a house of worship, and it is a sanctified place. When the ark is open, out of respect for the Torah, no one should be walking in or out of services.