\"TBTHello Ladies of Temple Beth Torah!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Stacey Huse. I am the TBT Sisterhood President. Did you know that by being a member of TBT you are automatically a member of the Sisterhood? The Sisterhood plays an important role in our congregation. We support events, such the Community Seder, the Purim Café, the Rosh Hashanah celebration and more. In addition we support the religious school where needed.

Traditionally, Sisterhoods support the religious school and foster community. As a traditionalist, community is very important to me. We live in an area with a small Jewish community and must get most of that support and interaction from our own congregation. We at TBT are so lucky to have such wonderful members. We are full of men and women, Jewish and not, willing to put in time, effort and even money to make this a better place. But we can still do more. To this end, Josie and I would like to invite you to a Sisterhood meet and greet, so that we may all get to know each other – long term members, new members, Jews, non-Jews and converts, single ladies, mothers of school age children and empty-nesters.


Stacey Huse