Birth of a Child/Brit Milah

Birth of a Child/ Brit Milah

A t Temple Beth Torah, we celebrate equally the birth of all our children. Therefore, rather than a Brit Milah, we have a Brit Chayim service (covenant of life) for boys and for girls. The ceremony may be held at the synagogue or at the family’s home. For the boys, a Brit Milah (covenant of circumcision) is usually performed by a mohel at the family’s home. As with all life events at Temple Beth Torah, the planning begins with a discussion with Rabbi Block, who will provide materials outlining the options. This way, prospective parents can knowledgeably choose the ceremonies and rituals they want for their family.

“The ceremony for our first baby was very much family-oriented,” said the father of a baby born at Temple Beth Torah. “We had the ceremony at the Shabbat services, and Rabbi Block made everyone feel at home.” The new mother added, “Having the ceremony at the synagogue was very special because our services are so intimate, and the congregants are our friends. We were pleased to have input about the ceremony which included both traditional readings and some poems which different family members read.”

We have a number of adopted children in our congregation and, as with all children at Temple Beth Torah, we have Brit services to welcome them to the covenant of Judaism. We accept and embrace as Jewish all children adopted by the members of our congregation, regardless of race or national origin.

The child’s parent should notify the rabbi and the Mitzvah Coordinator of a birth. The sisterhood would make the appropriate calls to the congregation and visit to the parents.