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Welcome to Temple Beth Torah’s Religious School – Torah Dor L’Dor (Torah Generation to Generation)!

Torah Dor L’Dor provides a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment for Jewish students in Kindergarten through Grade 10 to learn the customs, traditions, and history of Judaism. Our teachers are committed to providing a Jewish education tailored to meet the needs of each student while simultaneously fostering the strengthening and growth of our community. TBT students are considered valuable members of the TBT family and a key component of our synagogue’s vibrant and diverse spirit.

Our amazing staff bring fun and engaging Jewish education to the next generation of the Jewish community through our student-focused curriculum.  Teachers tailor classes to meet the needs of all our students by building activities and assignments that meet student learning preferences and adapt to learning challenges.  Our in-house experts in all aspects of Judaic and Hebrew Studies as well as special education provide regular advice and solutions to our teachers to make our program successful for all our students.

Judaic Studies –

Our Judaic Studies program meets on Sunday mornings from 9am to 1130am, during the school year (exact times vary by grade).  In our Judaic Studies program, our students explore content across multiple subjects: Torah and History, Jewish Values, Holidays, Life Cycle Events, and Hebrew.  Each grade is designed to build on knowledge learned in the previous year. However, our teachers are experts at catching-up students who join TBT mid-program and we regularly develop additional services (tutoring) to provide support to our students as needed.  For a copy of our Judaic Studies curriculum, please contact our administrator at school@bethtorah.net.

Hebrew Studies –

Our students begin formal Hebrew Studies in Grade 4, however, we introduce the Aleph Bet in Kindergarten through Grade 2.  In Grade 3, the Introduction to Hebrew level is taught during Judaic Studies and students learn to identify each Hebrew letter and vowel by sight and sound.  In Grade 4, students start our formal program at Level 1 and progress through each level at his/her/their own pace.  Our level-based system, taught in one-on-one virtual sessions (unless in-person is needed), is designed to meet each student’s needs to ensure success.  Using different techniques – verbal, visual, and tactile – our teachers tailor lessons to each student.  This individualized approach has proven to increase both student engagement and learning success.  For a copy of our Hebrew curriculum, please contact our administrator at school@bethtorah.net.

B’nai Mitzvah Preparation – 

Preparing to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is much more than learning a Torah portion.  B’nai Mitzvah preparation is integrated throughout both our Judaic Studies and Hebrew programs.  In addition, Grades 4 through 7 participate in Tefillah on Sunday mornings with our Cantorial Soloist.  In Grades 4 and 5, students learn the structure of Shabbat services, the meaning and symbols of the sanctuary, and master several core prayers, including the Bar’chu and Shema.  In Grades 6 and 7, students expand their knowledge of the Shabbat service, master more difficult prayers (such as the V’ahavtah and Amidah), and learn Torah Trope.  All four grades come together once a month and lead our all-school Junior Congregation with our Rabbi and Cantorial Soloist.  For information on our complete B’nai Mitzvah Program, please see the B’nai Mitzvah page our website and/or contact our administrator at school@bethtorah.net.

Please note, all student families must be current or become members of Temple Beth Torah.  For membership information, please go to the Join Us section of our webpage or contact TBT Membership Coordinator at membership@bethtorah.net.