Our adult education programs are open to the community. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about Judaism.



Beginning Saturday, November 20, from 10:30 am until noon, Rabbi Block will be teaching 6 sessions on Judaism.  Classes will cover the basics on sacred documents, beliefs, prayer, the circle of life(what ever happened to that cute little lion cub), the holidays, and history.

Join the class to…

  • improve your knowledge
  • get a refresher
  • get some Jewish trivia to stump your children or grandchildren
  • spice up the conversation at your bourbon drinking competitive knitting team’s afternoon tea parties

Hybrid and blended Classes will convene at TBT, in one of the large classrooms, and on Zoom to meet the needs of all of our adult learners.  Sessions will be recorded and made available to any of our students who are forced to miss a session due to a soccer game, work travel, or the Maj Jong World Championships.

Note: Judaism 101 is required for all adults considering conversion and/or adult Bnai Mitzvah.

Session: (all sessions 9:30 am to noon)

November 20: People of the Book: Judaism is a religion that values and centers around the contents of its sacred documents—each generation adding to the interpretation of its texts.

December 4: What do Jews believe? To be a Jew means to struggle with one’s understanding of God about which there are many different theological perspectives.

January 15: How do Jews Pray? Music speaks louder than words. Join the dance as we choreograph fixed prayer and spontaneous prayer!

January 29: The circle of life: In the circle of life it’s the wheel of rituals that keeps our faith bound by hope. Then we find our place on the path unwinding in the circle, of life.

February 12: The cycle of the year: Are they the High Holy Days or the High Holidays? What does that make the other seventy eleven, low holidays?

February 26: History of The Jews Part 2: Jewish history can be understood as the story of Jewish resilience and adaptation. From the creation to the “Tree of Life” Synagogue Judaism has evolved and continues to progress today.

Sign-up at TBT during religious school or a worship service, or online using the link in the weekly Blast.



Meet on Zoom on Wednesday nights at 7PM..

Check the Weekly Blast for topics and Zoom link..



An adult discussion group that meets on occasional Saturday mornings.  Discussion vary in topic and are lead by Rabbi Block.  Check our calendar for dates of upcoming sessions.

Adult Education Programming is free for TBT members. Non-members may be required to pay an enrollment fee. For more details contact