Special Shabbat Services

During the year, some of our Shabbat services will have a special theme.  These include Pet Shabbat, Veteran’s Shabbat, Shabbat Shirah, Scout Shabbat,  Daffodil Shabbat, and Teacher Appreciation Shabbat.   

We also have Tot Shabbats and Learner’s Services.

  • The Hebrew word Vatikim refers to the individuals who started and established something.  Sometimes translated as “veteran”, not referring to those in the military, rather “The Founding Fathers”.  For Temple Beth Torah it would be those who signed the papers of incorporation, or the 501c3, or donated the money to establish the Temple.  The initial members, etc. It does not refer to those who have given money or volunteered after the organization was established. 

    Think of the individuals who founded our Republic, or established the State of Israel.